Aggressive Driver Self Test!

Aggressive Driver Self-Test

Below are 20 items listed in escalating degrees of driver hostility, beginning with milder forms of aggression (step 1) and going all the way to ultimate violence (step 20).Howfar down the uncivilized road will you allow yourself to go when you are behind the wheel? Take this test and determine if you fit into a zone of aggressiveness.

1. Mentally condemning other drivers.
2. Verbally denigrating other drivers to a passenger in your vehicle.
3. Closing ranks to deny someone entering your lane because you’re frustrated or upset.
4. Giving another driver the “stink eye” to show your disapproval.
5. Speeding past another car or revving up the engine as a sign of protest.
6. Preventing another driver from passing because you’re mad.
7. Tailgating to pressure a driver to go faster or get out of the way.
8. Fantasizing physical violence against another driver.
9. Honking or yelling at someone through the window to indicate displeasure.
10. Making a visible obscene gesture at another driver.
11. Using your car to retaliate by making sudden, threatening maneuvers.
12. Pursuing another car in chase because of a provocation or insult.
13. Getting out of the car and engaging in a verbal dispute, on a street or parking lot.
14. Carrying a weapon in the car in case you decide to use it in a driving incident.
15. Deliberately bumping or ramming another car in anger.
16. Trying to run another car off the road to punish the driver.
17. Getting out of the car and beating or battering someone as a result of a road exchange.
18. Trying to run someone down whose actions angered you.
19. Shooting at another car.
20. Killing someone.

Which zone are you in?

Unfriendly Zone – steps 1 to 3
Hostile Zone – steps 4 to 7
Violent Zone – steps 8 to 11
Lesser Mayhem Zone – steps 12 to 16
Major Mayhem Zone – steps 17 to 20.


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