driver improvement program for Richmond Virginia next class this saturday

The next driver improvement program class for Richmond VA will be on saturday June 16 2012. The class will be at 501 E Franklin st Richmond VA 23219. Class starts at 8:00 a.m. Certificates of Completionwill be given to everyone the same day of class, as LONG AS you pass the final exam/exit test. Don’t worry, our instructors are excellent at preparing everyone for this test. You must score an 80% in order to receive a passing grade, per DMV standards. Our instructors are licensed by DMV and provide an interactive and friendly environment, and NO, we don’t judge. What we will do is involve you in your driver improvement program workshop experience, and deliver you quality defensive driving. For any questions call 804-869-9104, or visit Www.AardvarkDrivivngSchool.Com for more info. Thanks!




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