Do you all offer Driver Improvement classes on Mondays?

Question: Do you all offer Driver Improvement Classes on Mondays?

Answer: Yes

We offer driver improvement classes at least one Monday per month. Our driver improvement classes tart at 8:00 a.m. Continue reading


Top Ten Police Chases of all time

Unfortunately, some people elect NOT to pull over… and this is what happens

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While movies have provided some of most memorablecar Continue reading


How to pay traffic tickets and other offenses

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How to Pay Traffic Tickets and Other Offenses

alert Important: No one from the court will ever contact you by phone and ask for Continue reading


This is a testimonial from a gentleman who received a ticket in 2002 in Sacramento. A lot of similarities to Virginia.

Traffic Court

On October 8th, 2002, I was pulled over for speeding on a downtown street in Sacramento.

It was 8pm and I was zooming south on 12th street where it enters downtown from Continue reading


How long does the online defensive driving school class take, really?

Question: How long does the online defensive driving class take, really?

Answer: 8 hours

The online driving school class here, is broken up into 18 modules. All modules total run time add up to7.5 Continue reading


What are some additional benefits of going to a defensive driving class?

What are some basic benefits of going to a defensive driving class?


Going to a defensive driving sclass has many benefits, but two of the most popular are listed here.

1. Stop demerit pointsfrom Continue reading


Do You offer Behind The Wheel?

Question: Do you offer behind the wheel?

Do Parents have to come to the driving school classes?

Parents do not have to come to driving school classes with minors unless court required

Weunfortunatelydo Continue reading


If this is my first ticket, will the judge give me driving school?

Question: If this is my first ticket, will the judge in traffic court give me driving school?


Answer: Maybe

There is never any guarantee when you go to court if the judge will or will not Continue reading


Is your class licensed and accepted by the Virginia DMV?

Is your driver improvement class accepted by the DMV?

Answer: YES we are licensed by DMV and are accepted by all courts in the state of Virginia.


Most Recent Class Schedule

Saturday Classes- $55 Weekday Classes-$65


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Right next to Target, and rightbehind McDonalds on Midlothian Turnpike.(across Continue reading