How long does the online defensive driving school class take, really?

Question: How long does the online defensive driving class take, really?

Answer: 8 hours

The online driving school class here, is broken up into 18 modules. All modules total run time add up to7.5 Continue reading

Henrico Driving Schools (Virginia)

Henrico Virginia Driver Improvement – Classroom & Online Courses

Our Henrico Location is at 4051 Innslake dr in Innsbrook. We are inside the Comfort Suites Hotel in the Lincoln Room. Glen Allen, Continue reading

Chesterfield Driver Improvement, Driving School

Chesterfield Virginia Driver Improvement – Classroom & Online Courses

Our Chesterfield Location is at the Hampton Inn Hotel at 800 Research rd Chesterfield VA 23236

Do You Have A Virginia Continue reading

Driver Improvement Richmond Virginia

Richmond Virginia Driver Improvement – Classroom & Online Courses Do You Have A Virginia speeding ticket or other moving violations? If you answered yes, then this Virginia Defensive Driving course Continue reading

Driver Improvement Richmond, about us

Aardvark Driving School is one of the leaders in Driver Improvement in Richmond Virginia. We have excellent instructors and have class in Innsbrook, Chesterfield, Southside Richmond, and Downtown Richmond. Continue reading

The MOST availability in the Richmond Metro area

For your convenience Aardvark Driving School and Cruise Control Driver Improvement have the most availability of any driving school or driver improvement program in the city of Richmond and surrounding areas.  We offer classes every single Saturday, even on holidays, weekday classes, and internet classes, also we have locations in Chesterfield, Henrico, Innsbrook, Downtown and Southside.  Biking distance from VCU!  Call 804-859-9104 to schedule a class or click here for current schedule.

Arsenio the Driving School Aardvark

Listen to Arsenio Aardvark. Driving School extraordinaire

Is this school licensed and/or approved by DMV?

Answer YES!

Aardvark Driving School is licensed by DMV and is accepted by all courts in the state of Virginia.  We primarily serve the Richmond and Metro area, but will be serving the tidewater area starting in the fall of 2012.  Go to for more information.

Arsenio the driving School Aardvark

Driving School Virginia Arsenio the Aardvark


Do you get extra points for attending a Driver Improvement Clinic?

Short answer:Yes, AND No.  This is another one that depends.  If you are going to a driver improvement clinic after you go to court, and were allowed by a judge to attend the driver improvement clinic instead of having the ticket stamped to your record, then NO, you will NOT get extra points, or “Safe Driving Points,” as DMV calls them.  You WILL however get points IF you come to the clinic WITHOUT having a court case pending, or without a court order.  Im this case, you can be given 5 safe driving points, or 5 positive points, for attending the driving school class.  You are only allowed to do this once every two years.  In addition, if you go before your 2 years is up, DMV will reset your two years, and you can not get credit…so….BE SURE AND CHECK THE EXACT DATE!!  Also go to for our homepage or to take the program online go to Drive SLOW


Take the Online Driving School Class 24 hours a day

online driver improvement richmond va

take the driver improvement clinic online

Remember, you can always take the class ONLINE at CruiseControlNow.Com.  However, RICHMOND TRAFIC COURT  DOES NOT ACCEPT ONLINE CLASS!!  Most all other courts will.  Contact the specific court, to be sure.  DMV referred students must be at least 20 years of age or older.  Our online driving school is approved by DMV.