How long does the online defensive driving school class take, really?

Question: How long does the online defensive driving class take, really?

Answer: 8 hours

The online driving school class here, is broken up into 18 modules. All modules total run time add up to7.5 Continue reading

Chesterfield Driver Improvement, Driving School

Chesterfield Virginia Driver Improvement – Classroom & Online Courses

Our Chesterfield Location is at the Hampton Inn Hotel at 800 Research rd Chesterfield VA 23236

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Driving School Richmond

driver improvement program Richmond VA Henrico Innsbrook Chesterfield

Driver Improvement Program aka DRIVING SCHOOL

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Can I use one driving school certificate for two courts?

Answer:  NO

after you get your certificate of completion, the court is only going to take the ORIGINAL copy of your certificate, so another court will not be able to accept any fax/photocopy etc. So if you got two tickets, and a judge sent you to traffic court twice, consider yourself lucky that you were able to go to driving school more than once, however you will have to take the class twice in order to satisfy both court orders.


Driving School Richmond VA

Richmond Virginia's Driver Improvement Program

8 hour Defensive Driving School

Just so you know, “driving school” has about 5 different names, but they all mean the SAME thing:

1.  Defensive Driving School

2.  Driver Improvement Clinic

3.  Defensive Driving Clinic

4.  Driver Improvement Program

5.  Traffic School

6.  Traffic Survival Workshop

The actual name is #6, Traffic survival Workshop, but NOBODY calls it this, do they? Anyway, just a tip for everybody hope you don’t get confused. Dont forget to visit  or Www.CruiseControlNow.Com (internet course)



Is 80 mph reckless? ALWAYS?

Yes… And No.  Reckless driving is a discretionary call by the police officer.  We have had students who were doing 85 mph or more, and did not receive a reckless driving ticket, and also we have seen students doing 12 or 13 over (for example 37 in a 25mph zone) and actually receive reckless driving tickets.  It depends on the judgement of the police officer HOWEVER, we still stay keep it under 80, y’all. If you get a ticket you can always call us and I can and will discuss personally with you.  Also visit Www.AardvarkDrivivngSchool.Com for more information, or search on “schedule” on our blog.


Reminder: For All Online Classes!!

For online classes, YES you do have to come in to take the final test, BUT you can come in any day except Sunday! Keep in mind!  click here for testing locations.


Don’t pay the ticket, GO TO COURT

Just some free advice for everybody.  If you get a speeding ticket and pay it off without going to court, you are ADMITTING GUILT, and it goes immediately to your driving record.  I will post this again with more specifics, but this is the short run.  You can always come to driving school aka defensive driving school, aka 8 hour driver improvement program but it will only take the POINTS off, but NOT the citation.  Citation can stay on your record from 3, 5, or 11 years depending on the severity of the offense.  Just some free advice, go to court, plead no contest, ask for driving school. for class schedules.


Upcoming Class

Ladies and Gents, Next Driver Improvement clinic will be held Saturday April 21st 2012 at 501 E Franklin st, first floor Room 105.  All you need is a picture ID, please bring cash or money order only.  No checks and no credit cards accepted.  Sorry for any inconveniences.  Class Starts at 8:00 a.m. Instructor will be Eva M. Lewis.  See You there!