Henrico Driving Schools (Virginia)

Henrico Virginia Driver Improvement – Classroom & Online Courses

Our Henrico Location is at 4051 Innslake dr in Innsbrook. We are inside the Comfort Suites Hotel in the Lincoln Room. Glen Allen, Continue reading

Chesterfield Driver Improvement, Driving School

Chesterfield Virginia Driver Improvement – Classroom & Online Courses

Our Chesterfield Location is at the Hampton Inn Hotel at 800 Research rd Chesterfield VA 23236

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Driving School on Weekdays in Richmond

driving school on weekdays

arsenio the aardvark takes classes on weekdays

Make a note, all of our weekday driving school classes (driver improvement clinics) are held at our downtown location at 501 E Franklin st Richmond VA 23219.  We offer one Monday per month, one tuesday per month, and one Wednesday per month.  We also have class EVERY Saturday.  For our schedule go to Www.AardvarkDrivingSchool.Com and click on “in class session.”  This will take you to our classroom page.  Weekday classes are ONE DAY classes.  We do NOT separate classes in half, classes still start at 8 a.m.

What do i do with my traffic school certificate?

There are TWO answers to this question.  If and ONLY if, you are taking this class for COURT, then you need to bring your certificate to the clerk of the court where you received the citation.  Keep in mind you may STILL have to pay your court costs as well. TWO: If and only if you are taking this class for DMV, then you will need to bring your certificate to and local DMV branch.  Call 804-869-9104 for more details or visit Aardvarkdrivingschool.com

Aardvark Driving School MOST availability of all driving schools in Richmond VA

We are proud to offer the most availability of all defensive driving schools in Richmond Virginia offering classes every Saturday and also Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and 24 hours a day on  the internet (www.CruiseControlNow.Com) well.  We NEVER cancel class and walk ins are always welcomed.  804-869-9104.  Call for schedule or to be mailed a schedule with COUPON included!


Driver Improvement Clinic Serving Richmond, Chesterfield, Innsbrook, Henrico, and VCU. GO RAMS!!