What happens if I get a ticket in Virginia

Question: What happens if i get a ticket in Virginia?


The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) uses a system of points to evaluate drivers. When you are convicted of certain traffic Continue reading

Can you attend Driving School more than once?

Answer: YES

Depending on WHY you were sent to driving school, the possibility that you might arise. If you were sent to driving school in Virginia by a court or as a referral of a lawyer, then you Continue reading

Henrico Driving Schools (Virginia)

Henrico Virginia Driver Improvement – Classroom & Online Courses

Our Henrico Location is at 4051 Innslake dr in Innsbrook. We are inside the Comfort Suites Hotel in the Lincoln Room. Glen Allen, Continue reading

Chesterfield Driver Improvement, Driving School

Chesterfield Virginia Driver Improvement – Classroom & Online Courses

Our Chesterfield Location is at the Hampton Inn Hotel at 800 Research rd Chesterfield VA 23236

Do You Have A Virginia Continue reading

Driver Improvement Richmond Virginia

Richmond Virginia Driver Improvement – Classroom & Online Courses Do You Have A Virginia speeding ticket or other moving violations? If you answered yes, then this Virginia Defensive Driving course Continue reading

Driving School on Weekdays in Richmond

driving school on weekdays

arsenio the aardvark takes classes on weekdays

Make a note, all of our weekday driving school classes (driver improvement clinics) are held at our downtown location at 501 E Franklin st Richmond VA 23219.  We offer one Monday per month, one tuesday per month, and one Wednesday per month.  We also have class EVERY Saturday.  For our schedule go to Www.AardvarkDrivingSchool.Com and click on “in class session.”  This will take you to our classroom page.  Weekday classes are ONE DAY classes.  We do NOT separate classes in half, classes still start at 8 a.m.

How many times can you go to driving school?

Answer: Depends

Once again, the answer is not simply Yes or No.  If you are going to driving school just to get points off of your license, then you can only go once every two years, however if you are going to driving school as result of a court case or citation, then it depends on what the  judge of that courtroom decides.  Some judges will say once every 10 years, 5 years etc.  Its your job to find out by asking the judge when you go to court.  This is why we always tell traffic offenders to go to court.

Do I have to take the online class all at one time? or can I start and stop as I want?

Answer:  You can start and stop as you want!

You do not have to take the class online all at one time.  It is set up into 18 different modules, and after you finish each module, it will ask you if you would like to continue or if you would like to stop.  So, in a sense, you can do 1 hour today, one hour tomorrow, 30 minutes at lunch tie etc.  For more infer or to enroll go to www.cruisecontrolnow.com

Take the class online at CruiseControlNow.com

Next Driver Improvement course,May 5th CINCO DE MAYO!

The next driver improvement clinic will be this Saturday, May 5 2012.  Class will be at the Chesterfield Location, 800 Research rd Richmond VA 23236.  This will be near Chesterfield Towne Center, right next to Target, and across from LaserQuest on Research road.  Call 804-869-9104 for further details.  Walk Ins are WELCOME!  All you need to do is bring a picture ID and be there at 8:00!  If you live closer to downtown, we will also have a class at 501 E Franklin st Richmond 23219.  Remember, you can ALWAYS take the Class ONLINe at aardvarkdrivingschool.com just click on the aardvark sitting at the laptop.

Do we offer Coupons? YES

See below for an Aardvark Driving School Coupon. You can print from here, or simply text the word “coupon” to 804-869-9104 BEFORE 8AM ON CLASS DAY. We accept most coupons, and rememberto ask about ourdouble Continue reading